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The Hinds Brothers Story

Fraternal and familial synergy is no new thing in music. The Stanley Brothers, The Everly Brothers and the Louvin Brothers are among the many examples of brothers making beautiful music together; and true to this tradition The Hinds Brothers have made an exciting and vibrant contribution to this genre.

Though individually very different, the brothers Hinds' voices meld seamlessly into harmonic perfection and their songwriting displays a natural compatibility that produces songs of unforgettable melody line and lyrical beauty. There is an alluring spiritual quality to their music that resonates effortlessly with our yearning to feel and understand more, both about ourselves and the vagaries and mysteries of the lives we lead. As a consequence their live performances are intimate, dynamic and make a lasting impression on all those who share the experience.

A distant echo of the brothers musical evolution may be found in the career of their father Kevin Hinds (who also happens to be the father of Watershed's Craig Hinds) who teamed up with his own brother Colin in the 1960's. Although this early incarnation lasted only a few years there were remnants of their brief collaboration in the form of live recordings made by Dave Marks of 3rd Ear Music, both in his lounge and at the S.A. Folk Festival. On an LP entitled "Cross Section" they were featured alongside Jonathan Clegg (Johnny Clegg), Mike Dickman and the Kitchen Bros. 

In the 1970's Kevin went on to record 5 seven singles for C.B.S. and EMI Records and continued performing solo, in venues and around the country and then with his band "Leatherbone", a 3 piece harmony group in the mode of Crosby Stills and Nash.

In the early 1980's Kevin settled down with his wife and popular South African landscape artist , Diane Erasmus, in Ramsgate, a small village on the south east coast of KwaZulu-Natal. In 1985 their eldest son Aden was born in the month of Pisces, and some 3 years later Wren entered the world in the midst of a cataclysmic thunder storm, and thus the early foundation was laid for what was to become the Hinds Brothers creative evocation.

Growing up in this wonderland, set between the Indian Ocean and the Sub-tropical forests and hills of Kwazulu, the brothers had a loving, brotherly and significantly, a musical connection, much enhanced by their father's records, song-writing and work in his small home recording studio. The beauty and tranquillity of these surrounds were to become an emblematic factor in their creative evolution.

The brothers' debut album- Ocean of Milk received notable attention in the music world and went on to receive a South African Music Award nomination in the Best Adult Contemporary category.

Great Music always resonates with the trilogy of mind, heart and spirit and in this respect the Hinds Brothers are an unqualified success. Long may their music live in the minds, hearts and spirits of all who are fortunate enough to experience their art.

Terrific lyricists in a country where words are frequently struggled for.”

- Diane Coetzee (Rolling Stone)

Ocean of Milk - one of the best albums of 2013”
– Michelle Constant (SAFM)

The Hinds Brothers Story

Fraternal and familial synergy is no new thing in music. The Stanley Brothers, The Everly Brothers and the Louvin Brothers are a...