Friday, 28 September 2018


South African singer songwriter duo, Faye & Wren return with their second full length studio album - Released 28/09/2018

The new record features a diverse collaborative entourage of young musicians hailing from vastly different cultural backgrounds within the African continent, with whom the duo have been working alongside on the project. 

Two years in the making, their second album is a bold leap forward from its predecessor (Volume One, 2014) , with a host of new, deeply moving songs and an amalgamation of seven musicians fronted by songwriters Wren Hinds and Faye Oakes and including the textures of trumpeter Kolawole Gbolahan (hailing from Lagos, Nigeria), the versatile young jazz drummer ,Tefo Mahola (from Gugulethu, Cape Town), Sbu Matsimela appears on Upright Bass , classical songstress Ann Donald on Viola and Strings, and multi-instrumentalist James Harvey features on Accordion.

The album was self produced by Wren Hinds & Faye Oakes, mastered and mentored by South Africa's legendary musician and author, Robin Auld, and was recorded at the duo's personal home studio overlooking False Bay in the historical village of Simon’s Town on the South West Coast Peninsula of South Africa.

Musicians From Left: Kolawole Gbolahan, Tefo Mahola, Sbu Matsimela, Ann Donald, James Harvey

The outfit have crafted an honest and captivating sound performing on the South African music scene and with their unique performances they have harnessed a dedicated listenership. Hinds & Oakes’ paths crossed in 2006 as students of the National School of the Arts in Johannesburg which resulted in a musical union & a lasting friendship between the two creatives. 

Although their influences, culture & backgrounds are diverse - Oakes raised on the borders of the tumultuous Alexandra in the east of Johannesburg & Hinds growing up in a small coastal town on the South East Coast of KwaZulu Natal, It couldn't be more clear that their meeting place is through music & connecting with music listeners who can expect an original sound that captures a timeless place accompanied by a sincere style of writing.

Faye & Wren (Faye Oakes and Wren Hinds)
Photography by Marnus Meyer
The new Faye & Wren album is nothing you've ever heard before, it has a purity and honesty in songwriting, and a weaving of ambient textures that teeters on the brink of classical, jazz, country and folk with the echoes of truly unique lyrics and songwriting.

Listen to the album HERE (Available for Streaming, Downlaod & Purchase) 

Release Date 28th September 2018 / Released on the South Sea Records and Shoreline Songs.

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