Tuesday, 15 November 2016


We are so pleased to announce that world-celebrated South African musical virtuoso Guy Buttery returns with a brand new approach to South African musical landscapes in his latest self-titled musical offering, which is now available on South Sea Records. 

Seamlessly merging traditional musical genres with ambient and groove driven psychedelia.
The highly anticipated release is almost two years in the making and see’s Guy collaborating with some of the country’s finest musicians, including Vusi Mahlasela, Dan Patlansky, Nibs Van Der Spuy, Shane Cooper, Derek Gripper, and Chris Letcher – as well as French based singer Piers Faccini, and one of Guy’s lifelong musical heroes, multi-Grammy Award winner and founder of Windham Hill Records, Will Ackerman.
A multi-award winning musician and one of the finest acoustic guitarists in the world today, Guy continues to bring his deep sense of musical understanding into his compositions – his songs are delicate, yet fierce, profoundly deliberate, yet still spontaneous and playful.

“For me the record speaks of a different South Africa. One that acknowledges tradition but is more interested in individualism and finding a new voice to tell that story – an international South Africa, if you like?”
The recording took place in a small, secluded farmhouse in Zululand and originally spurned the ‘Farm Demos’ – tracks that largely established the vision and the production aesthetic for the album to come.  But for Guy it’s the collaborations that make the record what it is. Being fortunate enough to work with such great musicians is something he doesn’t take for granted and he refers to working with Vusi Mahlasela as a ‘career highlight’. 
Having spent a great deal of time outdoors in the composition process, Guy allowed the environment to seep into his creations. Nature holds a big place in his heart and the space of adventure, exploration and freedom affected his music deeply, pushing his exploration thereof even further.

A true masterful experience, Guy Buttery has stretched the boundaries again with this album.  Not only is it pressed on CD format, but also on hand numbered, limited edition vinyl for music lovers of the tangible sort.  

Visit  guybuttery.bandcamp.com/  to listen to the album. 

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