Monday, 24 August 2015

'Bone Tower' - The New Release by Thomas Krane

Thomas Krane is no stranger to the South African 'cult circuit', the new album Bone Tower, is the result over 5 years of song writing and 9 months of recording. The album has been 100% financed through a crowd source campaign run on; the band’s fanbase proving their loyalty through the pre-purchase of albums more than a year before the album’s release date. Bone Tower  is a very different animal to its predecessor, both Dan and the band have come a long way in their development as musicians and songwriters. 
The theme of this album shifts away from KRANE’s early development and follows the characters’ obsession with an unnamed love interest, as he rejects friends, family and God in blind pursuit, eventually resulting in marriage and divorce.
Hampton refers to himself as a character musician – musically untrained and everything is done by ear through a process of trial and error repeated often enough that it has become instinctual. Though this unstructured process of learning the craft is painstaking, it has resulted in a style and a sound that is exclusively his own – the beauty in its limitation. With diverse influences, the band’s sound contains elements of folk and classic rock, tied together by a pop sensibility.
THOMAS KRANE has had many members over the years. Every show has a different set of arrangements - one of the bands major appeals as a live act. Drumming prodigy Sheldon Yoko (Die Heuwels Fantasties, Francois Van Coke) has been a regular feature of the band since 2012, and is the only other musician to feature on all 9 of Bone Tower’s tracks.
Other contributors to the new album include percussionist Bronwen Clacherty, guitarists Gary Jennings and Colin Von Berg (Us Kids Know), bassist Franco Schoeman (ISO), singer-songwriter Cherilyn MacNeil (Dear Reader), haunting songstress Faye Oakes (Faye & Wren) and spoken word artist Toast Coetzer (Buckfever Undergroundand produced by Dirk Hugo in Newlands, Cape Town. 
Bone Tower is available for pre-order here and tickets to the album launch (18th Sep @ New Space Theatre Cape Town) can be obtained here

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