Thursday, 7 May 2015

Rigtingbefok- Gary Herselman & Die Lemme

DIE LEMME is Gary Herselman and a host of South African artists including Arno Carstens, Chris Letcher, Die Gereformeerde Blues Band, Francois van Coke , Andre Geldenhuys ,Guy Tillum,the Kalahari Surfers, Valiant Swart, The Radio Rats, Paul Riekert, Willim Welsyn, Toast Coetzer, Albert Frost, Frank Opperman, Rian Malan and Nechama Brodie, Victor S. Wolf and Tonia Selley, The Trees, Nux Schwartz, Ampie Omo, Kathy Raven, Sannie Fox and Robin Auld. 

Together this all-star collaboration have made the album, “Rigtingbefok” comprising 16 Herselman originals and versions of the Johannes Kerkorrel and Gereformeerde Blues Band's "Liefde" and the Radio Rats' "ZX Dan." 

Gary first came to prominence in the late 1980’s at a time when a real protest-music culture emerged from the Afrikaner community in South Africa. The sentiments articulated by these artists resonated with a lot of young South Africans and the popularity of the music grew exponentially. This “movement” had a name: Voëlvry, and it was born at Shifty Records’ home-studio, south of Johannesburg. 

Herselman had a trio around this time, The Kerels, that used to perform at Jameson’s in downtown Johannesburg alongside James Phillips and the Cherry Faced Lurchers. The Kerels released their debut, “Ek Se” in 1988 on Shifty Records and a year or so later the landmark Voëlvry compilation album was released and a tour to promote the album was undertaken. Gary was by then the bass player for Johannes Kerkorrel’s Gereformeerde Blues Band and was renowned for wearing tiny rugby shorts onstage, irrespective of the weather. 

Sometime after the Voëlvry tour, Gary invented a “whisky sodden ou” who he called Archie Pelago and in 1991 the Archie Pelago album, “City Country” was released on Underground Records. Gary referred to it as having been “made with mostly bubble gum and elastoplast.” As he put it in his as yet unpublished memoir: - “As far as songs in the traditional sense of the word go, I think some of my best ones appear on that cassette. Of course it’s all heartbreak and snot and stuff but hey, it’s a country record.” Jannie ‘Hanepoot’ van Tonder and Willem Moller, both fellow Voëlvry survivors and ex-GBB appeared on the album. 

In 2003 he collaborated with ex-Kerels drummer Neil Fishwick (with whom he grew up and attended the same primary and high schools in Germiston) on the critically-acclaimed Blomkrag project and released the album “Boerecountry”. The album featured Willem Moller, a guitar-slinger of note who has appeared with Rodriguez, Big Sky and Nataniel to name a few and with whom Gary appeared on Koos Kombuis’ “Niemandsland” album. 

Gary worked for twelve years at Hillbrow Record Centre after which he was employed for two years at a compact disc wholesaler. Herselman also founded South Africa’s first truly independent music distributor, Tic Tic Bang, in the 1990s. Tic Tic Bang was very successful in representing South African artists such as Henry Ate/Karma, Koos Kombuis, Johannes Kerkorrel, James Phillips, Mzwhake Mbuli and Jennifer Ferguson amongst others.

Limited Edition cardboard digipak of the 18 track collaborative release now available on South Sea Records and Bandcamp.

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