Monday, 24 November 2014

South Sea Records teams up with some of the city’s most loved coffee shops as an outlet for new & notable independent local music releases

Artists From Left: Madala Kunene, Hinds Brothers, Guy Buttery, Faye Oakes, Qadasi
Durban based record label South Sea Records has been finding new ways to get local music into the hands and hearts of the people- In this regard the independent label have just announced an exciting partnership with the city's hippest and most happening coffee shops that will see the trend setting barrister joints now doubling as music retailers for some of Durban's most loved musicians.

 Well it's all a bit more humble than that really, with South Sea Records branded wooden stands showcasing albums from some of Durban's best loved artists being supplied to the shops. “Discover new music” is what it is all about, and that is the phrase to look out for as well.

To start off you will find albums by South Sea Records own artists including the SAMA nominated brother band- Hinds Brothers as well as the ambient Faye & Wren, alongside the legendary “King of the Zulu Guitar” Madala Kunene, incredible guitar virtuoso and SAMA winner- Guy Buttery as well as the young maskanda folk hero David Jenkins.

Be sure to look out for the South Sea Records stands and support local music! They can be found at some of your favourite coffee shops in Durban including The Factory Café, Coffee Tree (Glenwood & Windemere) ,KZNSA Gallery, Bean Green & Artists Gallery (South Coast).

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